How To Make Money Online 2017

According to internetlivestats as at 2016, we have more than three billion users surfing the internet.

 Asides the individual, there are numerous useful materials and as well lots of junk that would make users experience a challenge when they are not too sure of the exact word they might be searching for, online. 

Below is a list of resources that one can be successfully invested

1.Fill online survey.
Some companies actually pay individuals for their time and opinion as regards their companies product. 
Most times we feel we are doing a survey that is reliable without realising we are spending effort doing something that is not beneficial.
Online there are tonnes of online survey that claims they pay but actually, do not. With careful consideration I have completed a list of the survey site that actual pays, if you would love to make some bulk you could actually sign up with these sites and start earning in your spare time.

2.Own a recruitment agency or job website.
 Millions of people are leaving school yearly. You can go into this niche by becoming a recruitment agent, considering the number of graduates seeking employment. Steps are however required before this can be achieved.
You can take a step further by reaching out to promising companies, meeting with the establishment owners and become a part-time recruitment agent for the organisation. to mention but a few are among numerous agencies that have made it big?
These agencies do not make money from google Adsense they earn from CV writing ad sales conducting interview trainings.

3.Owning a store online.

Before the invention of the computer, one has to go a great length to purchase so many products. Technology has now made the process way easier for us in a numerous way.

In primitive times we must own a store at a given location before we can purchase anything. But now transactions are easily carried out at our comfort zones. 
Stores like, Jumia, dealdey are a examples of such online 
Goods are only paid for only if they meet the end users expectation, taste and demand.
The thought of owning an online store is not as difficult as it seems, one can create such from WordPress website.

4.Own a classified website.

This requires a lot of effort but when fially fully functional it is quite gratifying. Lists of sites that operate in nigeria  jiji ,oxl ,gigi.
for such sites to be fully functional one requires a domain name and a host. 
These sites generate income from premium sales, that is, people biding for the goods to be seen first on the site. They also make profit from personal ad. and google ad sense.
Craiglist is one of the popular sites in the  US, its estimated to worth over 400million dollars.

This site gives beginners the guide and the step by step process that is required to build a classified site.

5.Own a website.

Have you ever thought of owning a passive source of income? Owning a website is another lucrative source of generating income while you sleep.

It's not just about generating income, you must have a mindset of what the site is going to be about, what services you are rendering, is it services related or goods related? How is it going to be beneficial to people?

Facebook is an example of a successful website, it is estimated  worth over 33.6 billion dollars according to Forbes  income exclusively derived from personal ad.

You have an idea? Sell it. Fiver is becoming a market place where people sell their services in exchange for money.
Are you passionate about writing? There are lots of individuals that want an article for their magazines. You can opt to create an account and sell your services for as much as $5 each. $5 is actually the default  price.


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